What is a Letter of Credit?

A Letter of Credit is an official document that is typically issued by the importers bank but it is only secure if you, as the exporter, meet all of its strict conditions.

Worryingly, over 75% of exporters who do their own Letters of Credit experience problems getting paid due to incorrect paperwork.

How we can help

To make your life easier, and to ensure that you get paid in full and on time, use our Letter of Credit Service where you’ll benefit from a team that has a 98% first time approval rate and an excellent reputation with all major global banks.

We deliver a fully managed, comprehensive service through a team of experts who work hard to secure payment for your exports.

Our Letter of Credit Service includes:

  • Advice on Letter of Credit term

  • Preparation of all shipment documents.

  • Compliance checks for third-party documents.

  • Liaison with freight forwarders, shipping companies, inspection agents etc

  • Advice on Incoterms® 2010.

  • Presentation of all documents to the bank within agreed deadlines.

Work with us and take the risk out of international trade.

Reach the right contacts in the right companies  

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